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CMNS 221 Lecture Notes

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Simon Fraser University
CMNS 221
Martin Laba

Week 1 January 9, 2007 Introduction: If you cant see the river in the raindrop, then you are blind - there is not merit to high theory unless it has practice - communication disciplines *On Saturdays, read the Globe and Mail - Take a stand, have a perspective, have an opinion! Must be able to argue your position whether you agree or disagree - critical thinking skills = critical practice Lecture: - the consumer itself is omnomerous - market place seems to diminish our capacity to redeem ourselves - university is good for citizenship - To engage in public interest - Watch the film Wag the Dog - High consumerism is somewhat of a drug - Marx: religion was the opius of - used this to control masses - What constitutes a good life? - having a boyfriend (vice versa)? Cell phone? Nice car? - Images of splendor vs. a good life? - idealized view - Advertising things that we cannot have WATCH: Blade Runner film Week 2 January 16, 2007 Nothing more important than the health and wellbeing of a democratic society Ethics: we struggle to redeem dimensions in the media market zone We must contrast very compelling imagesad images of good life (generally delivered in sexy riveting images of consumerous fantasy: eg. Cars, boyfriends, perfect lives, etc.) LA city represented as polluted, architectural, etc. - logos were everywhere - filled with smoke and trash - rain, steem, - filled with darkness - overall, a horrible environment Technology has redefined what it is like to be human - go see children of men Try to understand what media presents to us: a good life or what is perceived as one There is a relationship between our engagements, marketing system, society, etc that is bringing, killing our system: eg. Hunger, HIV and AIDS, suffer, political re-pressure, etc. Knowledge in communications and media: act and be aware of these things and to act on it! * look up George Orwell (read 1984) Architecture of government - fascism is appalling rising sense of a complete government sense CMNS 221 Media and Audiences
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