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Lecture 3

CMNS 223 Week 3

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Jody Baker

Tutorial 2: May 24, 2012  Value is determine by socially necessary labour  Exchange value: what can be traded for x  Exchange value is removed from use value  Exchange value is recognized at time of exchange  Objective Correlative  Product as signifier  Product as generator  Product as currency  Semiotic analysis  Form: empty space  Content: meaning  Denotative: literal meaning of the sign - automobile; form  Connotative: social-cultural-personal associations a reader makes - class, luxury (ads); content o Comes from culture + structure/form of the ad  Signifier: image o Physical existence of the sign  Signified: meaning o Mental concept of the sign  = sign  Relationship b/w signifier + signified: Arbitrary o Not natural or fixed o Detach then reattach o Social convention determines the meaning brought by ads o We connect signifier to signified, not the ad o History intervenes with their relationship  ads don’t generate their own meanings o draw on other sign systems and draw them into the ad space and connect to the product  how is the structure producing meaning  subject: people being advertised to; indv produced by the dominant ideology  ads are speaking the dominant ideology o freedom : dominant ideology  see and reveal dominant ideology Lecture 3: May 24, 2012 Underline thesis statement + 3 main points for paper #1 due next week  “analyze what can be seen in advertisements” –Williamson  “creates structures of meaning”  “transforms the language of objects into the language of people”  Advertisements: meaning of objects + meanings of self  Ads sell us more than consumer goods: gives us a choice  “selling us ourselves”  Co
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