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Frederik Lesage

May 18, 2012 [SOCIAL MEDIA LITERACY [LECTURE #2]] The Moral Panics of New Media- Stickam and social media literacy  Stickam: Social network app  Controversy: bullying + nudity of children, advertising  Moral Panics: people have shocked reactions + judge a new movement/thing/group  Teaching media literacy to children o be more careful and critical o choice in accessing it o evaluating how to create messages Media Literacy  Livingstone: “the ability to access, analyse, evaluate, and create messages across a variety of contexts.”  Social, political, cultural practice = power  Reading general media  How to engage in multiple media  Allows us to be critical  Digital Literacy: knowing computer codes Social Media Literacy 1. Attention 2. Participation 3. Collaboration 4. Network awareness 5. Critical consumption “New” New media  1. Computing and IT;  2. Communications networks; and  3. Info content and digitized media arising out of another process, (a fourth C), convergence – Flew and Smith textbook  Software and hardware  Networks that connect them  Content that’s available  ‘crisis historiography’: media goes through an identity crisis when it first appears and people have to figure out how to use it and what it should do (pros vs. cons) o Ex: Telegraph  Impacts its development May 18, 2012 [SOCIAL MEDIA LITERACY [LECTURE #2]]  Acknowledge the ties of media pre-computer and current media  Marvin: electricity in the past is similar to how we think about new media today Convergence  Mass Comm + Telecomm + Data Comm  Electronic Superhighways  Computing + Comm + Media content  We’re finding different ways to access this info through evolving technology  Content may take a different form  Technologies are being modified for different situations  Using a new media doesn’t change what we were doing in the first place, we reapply our same goals through a different platform (social media)  Remediation: Digital Capacities  Speed  Storage  Accuracy
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