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Luke Clossey

Prologue A new medium of communication is referred to as the metamedium which includes digital interactivemultimedia delivered by switched networks most currentvisible one being the Internet Interactivity is an important aspect of metamedium bc users have a voice that is qualitatively and quantitatively different than the unidirectional trait of traditional media TV radio newspaperPROS of Metamedium Many predicted that the Internet would fuel the next great postindustrial economic transformations as it matures and realize its full potentialThe Internet changed the way business is done and is the most engaging embracing and sophisticated medium of communication Internet communicates information which is made up of data Data through the application of intelligence and experience produce knowledge the modern economys best assetCONS of Metamedium Neil PostmanModern communications technology have created a flood of information that has and is drowning the last trace of coherent cultureintelligence discourse The uncontrolled growth of cmns technology destroys the vital sources of humanity and only benefits large organizations bc it creates a culture without moral foundations by undermining mental processes and social relationsAll subjects should be taught as history to give meaningcontext instead of being presented as a consumer product Postmans question How does one teach the liberal arts wout discussing morality Rowland Subjects should be taught with as history with an ethical framework can also be called theoriesend of PROS and CONSSocial Construction of Technology Technology and Science has a moral dimension as wellTechnology is socially constructed and thus carry within their structures the hopes aspirations fear and prejudice of the institution and culture responsible for the technological innovation Corporation is by design selfserving and acquisitive and the technologies it invents reflect this characteristic Postman believes that people mindlessly use the computer as they are told Rowland argues that the biggest advancement in the computer industry is powered by the way people choose to use it For not only computing and data input but as a means of communicationsPeople have the ability to adapt to technological advances bc always felt the need to communicate This creates personal identity and allow for us to discover the world We communicate w each other over time and distanceTime success of cmns determined by the durability of the storage medium and quality of content helps preserve content bc increases perceived valueDistance focus more on speed and less on quality The more immediate the msg the more valuable it becomes What is all this information used forGJ Mulgan Info in industrial societies used for control Info technology should be called control technologyInformation RevolutionA shift toward more rapid comprehensive and efficient methods of control of objects processes and people Unilateral Communication Technology Vs Bilateral Communication Technology Unilateral Move information in one direction only Structure of this type of cmns incorporate an authoritarian bias Eg Broadcast cmns promote hierarchical pyramidshaped organizational structures bc info originates from one point and disseminate same info to all receiversBilateral Organized laterally through conversation consensus and coorporationAnalogue technologies work by measuring traditional clock Digital technologies work by by countingDigital clockChapter 1 The Meaning of the Age of InformationInformation PyramidWisdom Tip and smallest portion of pyramidKnowledgeInformationData Bottom and largest portion of pyramid Data Everything in this world random Information what is being communicated organized data Knowledge Information that intelligence and experience has been applied to Wisdom Decisions made without the involvement of computers
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