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Lecture 3

Lecture week 3

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CMNS 260
Frederik Lesage

KEYWORDS from lecture for QUIZEtiquettethe customary code of polite behaviour in society among memmbers of a particular pprofession or groupeEtiquette tries to create awareness of how to handle new communication media and offer recommendations for daily ccommunication Intended to stimulate dialogue and discussion and will continue to grow on the basis of user feedback on the websiteEthicsKEYWORD ethics sims to give a systematic account oof our judgements about conduct si far as these stimate it from the standpoint of right or wrong good or bad moral judgement File sharing etiquettethe law and ethicsBittTorrent good manners to seed a fille even after downloading itto help share ithowwever this means they are breaking the lawlooking at etiquette though we aare not concerned about breaking the law that is the legal perspectiveEthically Michael Geist believes tight copyright restrictions inhibit competition innovation freedom of expression scientific research and fair useWhy be ethicalpersonalresearchers own scholarlyvaluesBest practicecodes of ethicsprofessiional associationsLegislationRequirements of funding AgenciesStill possible to make mistakes httpprisonexporg Milgrams obedience experiments 1960electric shockfollowing orderseethical issues with this experiment the reaction TO the deceptionpsychological trauma for shocker even though the victim was anactorWill the subjectunit of analysis suffer some kind of physical emotional and psychological harmCovert vs overt researcher rolesStakeholdersscientific communitythe subjectresearchersponsorsffunding sourcessocietytthe publiclogal authoritiesgovernmentEthics in research design
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