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CMNS 321
Darryl Cressman

16 may 2012 CMN 321 SHORT writing assignment will be posted next week When did popular music begin? Medieval period 700 -1400 Aristocratic 1400- 1800 Bourguois / capitalist 1800 Music was split as sacred and secular. The church has a strong influence of musical culture. “What music best pleases God?” – 1700-1800 , theologist/ philosopher decide that the best kind of music is no music, just singing. Like a chain Guido d’arezzo Western music begins with media (Medium) th Notation is used to record music. Only till 15 century, notation is used as composition tool. Jongleur : didn’t have the formal training any musicians will have in church. Self- taught. Beginning of folk music. Characteristics that define both the music and musician 1) Jongleur was music. Music cannot be separate from the mind and the person. “As j went, so did music” 2) Music was not just a form of entertainment but it is also to convey information. A distinct way of communication. She was singing news and other towns that people can reach and listen to. Music production consumption was governed by the popular church. Era of aristocratic musical culture (1400- 1800): cities begin to develop. Villages – town –cities JS bach 1685-1750 Opera develop in 16 century Symphony: u need musicians, pay musicians Only the course of aristocracy that orchestra had money to perform the music. 1789: beginning of French revolution. This time (18 century) musician begins to go out of just performing. Advertising their music, etc Music began to democratize as it began to modify. Mozarts 1) early career 2) working for joseph II 3) contrast of artiocrastic and burguois th th 18 century – 19 century type of music : orchestra, burgouis type. 19 century superstructure vs base Why did musical culture enter into public sphere? Economy is changing. Musical culture is influenced by politic and economic. Italy thinks music is pro
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