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Lecture 5

CMNS 331 Lecture 5: Hegemony

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CMNS 331
Nawal Musleh- Motut

Thursday, October 6, 2016 CMNS 331 - Lecture 5 Hegemony Methodologies • Content analysis: - Used to “delineate trends, patterns, and absences over large aggregated texts” - Normally relies on the application of simple or advance statistical techniques to create a “big picture” of how a particular issue or event has been covered • Discourse analysis: - Principally concerned with examining the representation of ideologies or “codes” that a given report or larger body of texts may be said to signify - Less concerned with assembling measured data to “prove” what has happened than it is with demonstrating how language operates to make some points or perspectives more visible than others • What type of language is used to describe the event? How are they codified for meaning and significance? How is meaning created from what is there? - Hartley → The ability in certain historical periods of the dominant classes to exercise social and cultural leadership, and by these means - rather than by
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