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Lecture 7

CMNS 331 Lecture 7: War Journalism

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CMNS 331
Nawal Musleh- Motut

CMNS 331 - Lecture 7 War Journalism Documentary - Buying the War (PBS, 2007) - Little tolerance for critical scrutiny of Bush administration by journalists → journalists provided with prescribed questions - “Just don’t get that critical of a government leading us during wartime” - 9/11 gave the media a platform to go after Saddam Hussein; Washington press core existing in a bubble - Mixed messages/information between the administration and officials, and those posted in the Middle East - “Stretching” bits and pieces of information to make connections - Asking questions about the sources the press and government were relying on - New York Times influential throughout news world - red flags within information - Lack of skepticism from journalists, looking for the fantastic stories → did not corroborate one another - Appearance of coordination between the administration and journalists - Created appearance of two sources that could confirm false information - White House marketing as fact would go virtually unchallenged - Propaganda machine → “selling the war” • Link between Iraq and Al Qaeda perpetuated daily - The media are as crucial a part of the arsenal of going to war as weapons and troops - Confidential information leaks from anonymous administration sources to the Times made i
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