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Lecture 8

CMPT 129 Lecture 8: 3.3 - Counting Vowels

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Computing Science
CMPT 129
Janice Regan

#include #include using namespace std; int main () { // This program reads a string of characters from the keyboard // The end of the string of characters in indicated by a tab // The program then reads // one character at a time determining if that character is a vowel. // The program also counts the number of occurences of each vowel // (a,e,i,o,u,y) in the string and the number of non whitespace // characters in the string that are not vowels. // The number of each vowel counted and the number of non // vowel characters counted are summarized after all characters in // the string have been analysed and counted // Creation data Sept. 23, 2013 // Program Author: Janice Regan // declare variables // Note: separate counters are defined for each vowel, for other // characters. (countA, countE, countI, countO, countY, countOther) char nextChar; // next character from file char answer; // answer, program continues if y or Y int nscan; // number of characters read (EOF if nscan <=0) int countA; // counter to record number of As int countE; // counter to record number of Es int countI; // counter to record number of Is int countO; // counter to record number of Os int countU; // counter to record number of Us int countY; // counter to record number of Ys int countOther; // counter to record number of other characters //initialize answer, so test in infinite while loop for next string is true answer = 'y'; while (answer == 'y' || answer == 'Y') { // initialize counters filename, and filepointer // Must be reinitialized for each new file, so initialization is // inside loop countA = 0; countE = 0; countI = 0; countO = 0; countU = 0; countY = 0; countOther = 0; nscan = 1; // initialize nextChar so test is infinite while loop to read next // character is true nextChar = ' '; /
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