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Simon Fraser University
Computing Science
CMPT 165
Colin Stewart

Web Forms Server and ClientSide Programs Web pages can become dynamic by writing code for them with a programming language eg Python There are two places where this code can run On the server On the client ie in the browser Both are useful for different things Serverside programs run on a web server ie the same computer that has a sites HTML pages images etc These programs are used when a web pageMust use or modify information that is on the web serverthat is information that is not on the clients computer Needs the web server to provide a service that the client cannot do itself Some serverside languages are Python PHP and ASP PHP and ASP are more commonly used than Python but are more difficult to learn Serverside programs are often referred to as CGI Some examples of serverside programs Search engines eg Google Performing a Google search involves looking through a catalog of web pages This catalog is on a web server not on your computer University registration systems
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