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Computing Science
CMPT 165
Colin Stewart

Colour Theory How do we know which colours to use Which colours look good Which colour combinations look good These issues are the subject of colour theoryHSB Colour The HSB colour system is a reorganized version of the RGB colour system HSB stands for hue saturation and brightness Sometimes HSB is referred to as HSV Hue is the name of the colour red blue purple magenta etc Saturation is the fullness of the colour Brightness isbrightness 100 saturation combined with 100 brightness give the fullest colour possible If you decrease the saturation the colour becomes less rich At 0 saturation the colour will become white gray or black If you decrease the brightness the colour will become darker At 0 brightness the colour will become blackColour Combinations To choose good colour combinations start with a standard colour wheel Note that none of the colours on the wheel have 100 saturationbrightness The simplest way to choose colours is to take two that are on opposite sides of the wheel These combinations purpleyellow redgreen blueorange etc are c
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