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Computing Science
CMPT 165
Colin Stewart

Colour The HTML 401 standard specifies 147 different colour names however modern computers can represent at minimum over 16 million different coloursColor Physics Intuitively we think that something with no colour is white We can then add colours like red yellow and blue to white Combining these three primary colours gives us different colours RedYellowOrange YellowBlueGreen BlueRedPurple This intuitive way of thinking about colour applies to things like paint and paper however it does not apply to colour that is created by computer screens Computer screens work with lightand light combines differently than paint colours With light something with no colour is black not white We can shine lights on the black surface to create different colours however the three primary colours of light are not red yellow and blue The primary colours of light are red green and blue This is because we have three types of colour receptors in our eyes which are stimulated by red green and blue light If the red green and blue receptors in our eyes are stimulated equally we see white If none of the receptors are stimulated we see black We can think of white as full colour and black as no colour Light combines differently than paint RedGreenYellow GreenBlueCyan light blue BlueRedMagenta bright purple RedGreenBlueWhiteRGB Colour A computer screen is divided into pixels Each pixel has a red R green G and blue B component each of which can be lit at different levels of intensity If all three components are at 0 intensity that is fully off the pixel will be black If all three components are at 100 intensity that is fully on the pixel will be white If we change the intensities of the colour components we can get different colours Eg If we have a 50 intensity of red with no green and no blue well get dark red Even less red 25 will result in an even darker red Similarly more red 75 will get a brighter red If we have no green and no blue then 0 RedBlack 100 RedFull red A percentage between 0 and 100 will give you something between black and full red This also applies to green and blue
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