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CMPT 225 Week 1 Lecture 3

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Computing Science
CMPT 225
John Edgar

void MyStack::push(float elem) { // if arr is full, create a new array if (top == n) { float* old = arr; // pointer to old array, in auto storage, but lifetime is only that of if n = n * 2; arr = new float[n]; // copy contents over from old array for (int i = 0; i < n/2; i++) { arr[i] = old[i]; } // however, old array is still sitting in free store! Only pointer to it was destroyed. // basically containing undo record in stack. Eventually will run out of dynamic memory. Crash, hopefully just program and not CMPT. // Have a memory leak (dun dun dun) (no auto garbage collection) delete [] old; // deallocates memory. [] only required if it's an array. // auto garbage collection has cost, because we don't know when it's going to happen //Takes processing seconds. May be important, or not important, depending on program. } arr[top] = elem; top++; } Dynamic memory: The heap or the free store float MyStack::peek() { return arr[top - 1]; // top is always next thing to insert } Did basic test first, now finishing pop: // PRE: stack is non-empty use namespace std void pushTest(); void popTest(); int main() { pushTest(); popTest(); cout << endl << endl; return 0; } void pushTest() { MyStack st; st.push(2.4); cout << st.peek() << endl; st.push(5.7); cout << st.peek() << endl; st.push(13.1); cout << st.peek() << endl; } void popTest() { MyStack st; st.push(2.4);
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