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Lecture 2

CMPT 225 Week 2 Lecture 3

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Simon Fraser University
Computing Science
CMPT 225
John Edgar

In MyStack.h: class Node { public: float data; Node* next; Node(float x): data(x), next(NULL) {}; // initialization list, way of initializing data in new obj, comes before body of constructor Node(float x, Node* nd): data(x), next(nd) {}; // does same as above /* first is equivalent to Node (int x) { data = x; next = NULL; } */ }; Node* top; 1. Make node 2. Point to existing stack 3. Make new node top Linked List Implementation of MyStack: (.cpp) MyStack::MyStack(void) { // empty linked list is just nothing; a top pointer which just points to NULL top = NULL; } MyStack::MyStack(const MyStack & st) // copy constructor { top = NULL; // Only make a copy if st is non-empty if ( != NULL) { Node* temp =; Node* newNode; // copy the top newNode = new Node(temp->data, NULL); top = newNode; temp = temp->next; // traverse stack building a new list (copy the rest of it) while (temp != NULL) { newNode->next = new Node(temp->data, NULL); temp = temp->next; newNode = newNode->next; } } } float
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