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CMPT 225 Week 10 Lecture 2

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Computing Science
CMPT 225
John Edgar

Hash Tables Data needs to be accessed really really quickly, but does not have to be maintained in order. Order is not important, don't care about "adjacent" values or anything. Don't want to print out a bunch of stuff in order. Possible solutions: Balanced BST - but maintain data in order, which we don't care about or need Arrays - if we know index of data, lookup can be performed in constant time Want unique int for each possible string. Sum the letters not very good for that Assign each letter val between 1-26 Multiple letter's value by 26^i, which is position of letter in word Then sum letters dog = 4*26^2 + 15*26^1 + 7*26^0 = 3101 Most strings are not meaningful. Vast majority are random letters showed together and are not actually people's names. Not practical to create an array large enough to store all possible strings. But we want an array to take advantage of constant time lookup! Fix array size based on amount of data actually want to store. Map key value to int index for array. This is done with a hash function. Problem: mapping not always guaranteed to give different indices. Can have collisions. Hash table = array to store data + hash function (maps key to array index) Can get int key, then modulo size of the array, will give mapping to index in array. Good hash function can significantly reduce number of collisions, but cannot eliminate all of them. Still need to deal with collisions that happen. Hash Function: convert key value to int x h(x) = x mod tableSize Want keys to be evenly distributed over underlying array. Can
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