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CRIM 101
Barry Cartwright

North Country (movie) True story (legal landmark case about gender abuse) Josey Ames returns to northern Minnesota home in 1989 to parents with children to escape abusive husband Josey doesn’t blend in because people believe that she is promiscuous because she had child at early age Parents – Hank and Alice Has bad relationship with father as he was devastated when he found out about her pregnancy in high school Had first child (son = Sammy?) at age 16 without knowing who father is, daughter is Karen Job was hair washer until friend (Glory) introduced her to her work place at a mine, and lets Josey stay with her and husband (Kyle) and husband Made friends at the mine (female) Meets old high school boyfriend (Bobby Sharp) at mine Women are verbally/physically abused at the mine Tries to stop provocations by reporting to higher ups, but instead worsens the cases Josey is sexually harassed b
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