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Lecture 4

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CRIM 101
Barry Cartwright

Crim 101, tutorial week 4 *Nature vs. Nurture  Is human behavior “a product of nature or nurture?”  In the past, theoreticians adhered to one viewpoint or the other NATURE NURTURE Early positive school Durkheim; Chicago school Behavior caused by genetic influences Humans born without predispositions Individuals had inherited predispositions Environmental influences shape/modify human behavior Free will vs. Determinism FREE WILL DETERMINISM Classical school Positive school Humans as rational, conscious actors Humans as animals, with preconditioned instincts *Conditional free will  Rare that an effect can be attributed to a single cause  People choose courses of action (element of free will)  Choices are limited or bounded by “current circumstances or opportunities, learning experiences, physiological abilities and genetic predispositions” (Fishbein, 1990) The significances of biological influences
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