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CRIM 101
Barry Cartwright

Crim 101, week 10 tutorial Gender issues  Females are more likely than males to be designated as the perpetrators in official reports of child mal treatment and neglect  Not necessarily because the females were the actual perpetrators, but because the cultural and societal views hold mothers responsible for the welfare of their child  Mothers sometimes cited as maltreaters in official reports of child sexual abuse, because it is assumed that mothers have responsibility for protecting child The “problem” with psychological theories  Psychological experience of family violence tend to overlook or minimize the onfluence of social and structural factors  Individual experience- offender is usually stereotyped as “mentally disturbed”, as a “sick person”  Victim usually portrayed as innocent and defenseless  Only 10% of incidents are “caused by mental illness” Feminist theory  Becoming dominant experience of violence toward women  Known for “praxis” and “advocacy”- actually attempts to resolve problem of violence toward women  Points out the structured gender inequality is primary cause of violence towards women And its
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