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CRIM 101
Barry Cartwright

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Crim 101, week 12 tutorial Moral panics  The term “moral panic” with Stanley Cohen’s 1972 book, Folk Devils and Moral Panics: the creation of the mods and rockers School shootings and moral panics  Burns and Crawford argue that fear and reaction to school shooting in late 1990s should be reevaluated  Number of deaths were relatively small; youth violence actually on the decline A cluster of events  October 1997- 16 year old killed mother, shot 9 students, killing 2  March 1998- two boys aged 11 and 13 killed four students and one teacher  April 1998- a student shot and killed a teacher, wounded two classmates  May 1998- a student killed two students, wounded 22 others  April 1999- columbine shootings; a teacher and 12 students were killed Concern/public fear  Columbine shooting made front page of NY Times three days running  Day time TC pre-empted to provide continuous coverage  President Bill Clinton took to airwaves to condemn entertainment industry for its role in glamorizing violence  Schools added security officers, metal detectors, introduced “drop and cover” drills Hostility  Juvenile crime bill (1999) provided 1 billion to toughen prosecution and prevent juvenile crime  1.5 billion to local and state governments who imposed corrective sanctions on “young first time offenders”  No bail for students who brought guns to school; automatic, 72 hour jail detention and evaluation for students caught with guns Disproportionality  No increase in number of youths being
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