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Lecture 2

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Simon Fraser University
CRIM 101
Barry Cartwright

Crim 101, tutorial week 2 *Who is Joel Best?  Well known “critical constructionist” and expert on “social problems”  Has written extensively about society’s focus on “threatened children”, “child victims” and “troubled children” Joel Best’s greatest hits  Threatened hits  Damned lies and stats  Images of issues *Missing children  1979-1981- stranger abductions started to receive national publicity  Term “missing children” first appears in 1981  US senate holds first hearing on missing children in 1981  1982- federal government passes missing children’s act  Formation of US attorney general’s advisory board on missing children (report published in 1986)  By mid 1980s, photos of “missing children” started appearing on milk cartons, shopping bags, billboards, TV The claims makers  Child find  Child stealing research center  Dee Scofield awareness program  National center for missing and exploited children  Kevin Collins foundation for missing children *And their claims  1981: the
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