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Lecture 3

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CRIM 101
Barry Cartwright

Crim 101, tutorial week 3 Human error  NASA spacecraft to mars disappeared into thin air  Rocket manufacturer specified thrust in pounds, NASA specified thrust in metric newtons Only in America, you say?  1983- air Canada flight from Montreal – Edmonton  Calculated fuel load in metric rather than imperial, and by weight rather than volume  Gave it exactly half as much gas as it needed to get to its destination *Confused about crime rates?  FBI report apparently implied that crime rate was no longer declining  Media did not understand/report that FBI report was preliminary and did not include official figures  Victimization report that came out 2 weeks later said that crime had declined 15% in the same time period *Reading between the lines  Canadian uniform crime report indicates that crime has been decreasing almost annually since the early 1990s  Canadian GSS indicates that victimization rates stayed the same between 2004-2009, was 14% higher in 2004 that 1999, and 28% higher in 2004 that 1993 Reliability and validity  2099 GSS random digit diali
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