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CRIM 101
Barry Cartwright

CHAPTER 9 NOTESLEISURE ACTIVITIES AND CRIME LEISURELEISURE DEFINEDSK define leisure as free time or spare time that is used specifically for recreation or playActivities that people voluntarily choose to engage in because they are source of pleasure or satisfaction WHO HAS THE TIMETeenagers have more leisure time than married couples who are raising a family or people who are working full timeSome forms of teen offending are also forms of leisureeg painting graffiti or joy riding in stolen automobilesEven when not forms of offending leisuretime activities often take place in venues where there is a considerable amount of crime and victimizationeg raves internet cafes bars and sporting eventsLEISURE AS A CORRUPTEROftrepeated claims that certain leisure activities cause peopleesp young peopleto become criminalsIn the past attention focused on corrupting influence of everything from comic books to rock and roll on music to movie violenceAttention now shifted to contemporary leisuretime activities such as internet usage and violent video gamesTHE WHOLE TRUTHSome observers claim that murder rates doubled during 1015 year period following introduction of free television in Canada and the USAlso claim that 10 of youth violence is caused by television viewingAND NOTHING BUT THE TRUTHSome studies found negative effects ie watching media violence actually reduces violent behavior in real lifeOther studies found weak effects that could be explained by other factors eg individuals who already display violent tendencies may be inclined to watch violent movies or violent TV programsMany studies claiming to have found link between watching violent media and increase in aggression were conducted in artificial settings where research subjects were encouraged to act in aggressive ways that would not be encouraged or tolerated outside of laboratory or research settingA ROUTINE ACTIVITIES APPROACHOne study found increased television viewing actually had the effect of decreasing crime ratesMotivated offenders and prospective victims were at home in front of their TV sets and hence less likely to be in public settings where they could intersect with each other in time and spaceBeing at home also provides capable guardianship COPYCAT CRIMES
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