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Simon Fraser University
CRIM 101
Barry Cartwright

CRIMINAL EVENT THEORY n Crimes as "social events", involving offenders, victims, bystanders n Examines the precursors n Examines the settings IS IT NEW? n Interwoven with routine activities theory n All focus on "routine activities", "motivated offenders", "criminal opportunities“ CRIMESAS SOCIAL EVENTS n Criminal event theory n Involve people interacting with each other n Referred to as events (or episodes) THE “TYPICAL” OFFENDER n Most offenders are young males (more than 75% in some offence categories), n 15-24 age group represented only 14% of population in 2004 EXCUSES, EXCUSES n Excuse-based explanation n Offender may agree the act was wrong JUSTIFICATION n Offender accepts responsibility n Offender says the victim deserved it FEELINGS OF GUILT n Offenders do experience feelings of guilt VICTIM CHARACTERISTICS VICTIM CHARACTERISTICS cont. n Individuals most likely to be victimized n People over 65 years of age n Relatively little difference VICTIMAWARENESS n Victims often don’t realize n May not define what happened n Especially true if crime committed BYSTANDERS & WITNESSES n Bystanders and witnesses n Offenders may be reluctant to commit a crime n Bystanders and witnesses may prevent a crime BYSTANDERS & WITNESSES cont. n BYSTANDERS MAYALSO FACILITATE CRIME: THE POLICE n Police often have direct influence n May let someone off with warning THE POLICE cont. n If police are eproactive policing n If engagereactive policing REPORTING CRIMES n Many crimes n Victims decide n Unreported/unknown amount of crime REPORTING CRIMES cont. n Victims more likely to report serious crimes n Less likely to report less serious crimes n Victims of crime THE DARK FIGURE OF RECORDING n Once crime is reported to police, it goes through process n Police decision-making influenced by a variety of factors THE KANSAS CITY EXPERIMENT n 1972-
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