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CRIM 101
Barry Cartwright

CRIMINOLOGY 101 COURSE INSTRUCTOR ¡ Barry Cartwright ¡ Office:ASSC 10318 ¡ Phone: 778-782-5524 ¡ Email: [email protected] ¡ Hours: Mondays 11:30-12:20, Tuesdays, 1:30-2:20 WEBCT ¡ Lecture outlines on WebCT. ¡ Go to SFU home page, click on online services, then on WebCT link, and enter your SFU computing ID when prompted. REQUIRED READINGS ¡ Sacco, V.F. & Kennedy, L. W. (2008). The Criminal Event: An Introduction to Criminology in Canada, 4th Ed. Toronto: Nelson Thomson. ¡ Wright, B. R. E. & McNeil, R. B. (2010). Boundaries:ACustomized Reader. Boston: Pearson Custom Publishing. THE GRADING COMPONENTS Holding Court ¡ Tutorials will be held in the same location (the lecture theatre), immediately following class. ¡ Will discuss readings from course reader Boundaries, plus supplemental materials not covered in lecture or in the course text book or reader. ¡ Questions from tutorial exercises and quizzes will appear on mid-term and final exams. The Uses andAbuses of i>clickers ¡ An i>clicker remote is required for this course. ¡ Purchase it through the SFU bookstore. How the i>clicker works How you are graded ¡You get points for attendance and participation. ATTENDANCE & PARTICIPATION ATTENDANCE & PARTICIPATION cont. MISSING INACTION Getting turned on How to vote or answer quiz questions Receiving you loud and clear Check your “Vote Status” Light: Not sure you saw the light? Want to change your vote? Registering your i>clicker ¡ You can earn points for your i>clicker responses ¡ Until you register your i>clicker, your responses are tied to your clicker remote ID ¡ When you do register, your previously recorded voting responses will be assigned Registering your i>clicker online ¡ 1. Go to ¡ 2. Click “REGISTER.” ¡ 3. Enter these 4 details and ¡ click “submit.” ¡ IMPORTANT!! ¡ You MUST enter your SFU student ID in the STUDENT ID field to ensure proper crediting. May The Force be with you ü If you bought a used clicker l Do not use Duracell l Do not use rechargeable batteries ü Before using a new clicker for the first time, pull the plastic tab out of the battery compartment. Help is just around the corner ü Check out for FAQs. ü Contact [email protected] for help. Another helpful tip How to get into serious trouble with your clicker ¡ Giving or receiving help when answering formal quiz questions ¡ Being in possession of more than one clicker at a time How much trouble can I get into? ¡ Both i>clickers will be confiscated. ¡ Both students will receive an automatic 10 point deduction ¡ Second offence will result in further 10 point deduction ¡ Second offence will also result in writing up ofAcademic Dishonesty Report TERM PAPERS ¡ 4 page Term Paper. ¡ Due back in Week 11. ¡ Must not be photocopies. ¡ Must be handed to me in lecture, or put in Criminology Department drop box. ¡ Term paper worth 20% of final grade. MID-TERM EXAM ¡ Two hours and 45 minute exam ¡ Closed book examination ¡ 20 multiple choice questions ¡ 10 true/false questions ¡ 10 definition questions ¡ Two short paragraph questions WHAT WILL BE ON THE EXAM? ¡ Sample of exam at class the week before ¡ Give clear look at kinds of questions on the formal exam ¡ Review (at end of class before exam) of everything that’s been covered up to that point FINAL EXAMINATION ¡ Written after classes are finished for the semester ¡ 20 multiple choice questions worth one point each. ¡ 10 true/false questions worth one point each. ¡ 10 definition questions (two points each). ¡ Two short paragraph questions (five points each). HOW TO GETAN “N” WITHOUT REALLYTRYING ¡ An “N” is the grade assigned when course w
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