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Chapter 10 crim 101 notes

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CRIM 101
Jay H

Chapter 10EMPLOYMENT AND VICTIMIZATIONVictimization risks and occupationsDifficult to accurately estimateParticularly for illegal and semilegal occupationsStore clerk vs office workerVictimization is higher among certain professions pg 323Work place crimeCriminal events that emerge through relations formed by labour force participation in the context of legitimate or illegitimate economies PrecursorsViolent incidents are most likely to occur in a commercial establishment or public settingThe public setting in these incidents is also often the victims workplaceSCHOOLSService the population at highest risk of offending and victimizationRequire compulsory attendanceHigh school often have highest riskRisk of victimization at workWhen a jobRoutinely involves face to face unrestricted contact with many peopleInvolves handling moneyinvolves overnight travel between worksitesInvolves the delivery of passengers or goodsTransactionViolence in the workplace most commonly occurs as a result of conflicts between employees and customersRecent research is focused on school violence and cyberbullying AftermathSchool crime may better reported due to mandatory reporting rules
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