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CRIM 101
Jay H

Chapter 6OPPORTUNITIESLIFESTYLESANDSITUATIONSEmergenceofVictimologyEmerged as a field of study due to several factorsSelfreport surveys is much informative 3 factors1Limitations of offender centred theoriesCriminologists became more and more interested in the role victims played 2Development of victimization surveys1970 in USresearchers were encouraged to ask and answer empirical questions about why some people are more likely to become victims than others3Increase in predatory crime1960 Canada experienced a greater rise of level of predatory crimes thus victims demanded govt to take the pain and suffering of the victims seriously and rights of crime victims Study of crime victims revolved around 2 key issues victimization opportunity why some people are at more risk than others and victimoffender interactionOPPORTUNITYTHEORIESANDVICTIMIZATIONLifestyleexposuretheory1978Developed by Hindelang Gottfredson and GarofaloThe patterned way people distribute their time and energies across activities The lifestyle of young teenage males are very different than elderly femalesWhere and how people spend their time is related to their risk of victimizationWhatlifestylesexposeonetogreaterchanceofvictimizationSpending more time in public places at nightHomeless not strong family bonds Guys spending times at clubs Proportion of time spent with nonfamily members Peer groups are very influential to victimization
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