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CRIM 103
Jennifer Wong

The Idea of Psychopathy: - Hervey Cleckley o Coined the term “psychopathy” o Overwhelmingly appeared to sane, very manipulative, did things for their own interest, but at the expense of others, can’t be trusted - Robert Hare o Identified specific psychopath traits o Developed test to identify traits (PCLR – Psychopathy Checklist Revised) Psychopathy and APD: - Antisocial Personality Disorder o “a pervasive pattern of disregard for, and violation of, the rights of others” (DSM-IV-TR) o Triggered by environmental factors - Psychopathy o Not a rec. mental disorder o 20 traits and behaviours typically viewed as negative by society o Not considered mental health disorder Overview of Selected Traits: - Grandiose (tend to brag, think they’re better than other people, very egotistic) - Poor behaviour controls (get angry for no reason at all) - Pathological lying (lie for no reason at all, lie for the sake of lying, very frequent lie, feel no shame when caught in a lie) - Need for stimulation (anything that can be exciting to them) - Shallow affect (little range of emotions, only happy for themselves, not happy for others, only sad for themselves, not someone else) Types of Psychopaths: - Primary psychopath o Psychopathy is innate at birth - Secondary psychopath o Psychopathy results from extreme trauma o Adopt psychopathic set of traits, not aware of change, based on biological change and reaction, not born a psychopath at birth - Dissocial psychopath o Psychopathic behaviour is adopted based on peer culture o People who are not psychopathic, but engage with people that are extremely antisocial, and begin to act like a psychopath as a result Criminal vs. Non-Criminal: - “snakes in suits” when psychopaths go to work - Find acceptable ways to engage in ant
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