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Simon Fraser University
CRIM 103
Ehor Boyanowsky

Crim 103 Oct. 15 Lectur The psychopath: personality dimension or type Clifford Olson o Born in 1949, died Sept 30, 2011 o Had two younger siblings who were normal o Smart alec, nonstop talker, bully, con artist, sold out of date lottery tickets, torment cats, killed two bunnies, stole money of porches o Left school at 16 by the time he was 41 he had spent only four adult years out of prison o Stabbed in Pr. Albert Pen for being a snitch, got 3500 in compensation o In 1980 heard the story of Gary marcoux re the assault, torture and murder of Jeanna Doove while in solitaire. Used it against Marcoux to obtain early release. o Began tracking down young people for sex and murder that ended in 11 killings in over a year. o Condition a certain amount of arousal with certain thoughts/stories o Low-arousal, fearless, ADHD do not condition very well o Sensory deprivation led to the classical conditioning of sexual assault of children with sexual arousal o Rapid habituation: they rapidly lose arousal, always trying to do something more exciting. Christophe Rocancourt o Born July 16, 1967, mum prostitute, dad long shore man, alcoholic o Dad sent him to live with his own mum - so poor they sneaked into fields to steal potatoes o Sent to an orphanage where he enthralled boys with wild stories. Ran away and lived in Paris subway o Taken home by young university students who introduced him to his friends and he quickly picked up the manners and way to speak o Starting setting up property schemes @ age 18/19 o Became a well like property-developer o Pulled off a 1.4 mill $ property fraud and many more o Escaped to NYC when Swiss implicated him in a robbery and murder of Swiss Bank (they were after him for very serious charges) o Claimed to be a Rockefeller, (most prominent New York families) mum Sophia Loren, then moved to Hollywood and claimed to be son of Dino de Laurentis. (all time famous movie producers) o Lived with Mickey Rourke, go Jean Claude Van Damme to put up money for a film (B-list) o Fled to whistler where he said “it was taking money from babies” o FBI finally caught up to him o Estimated he made 40 million $ before capture. Extradited to NY. Had to pay 1.5 million $ restitution and got 5 years. Recently appeared in film with Naomi Campbell. o Psychopaths
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