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Ch. 3 Lecture notes

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CRIM 103

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Crim 103 Ch. 3
Cesare Lombroso (published: L’Uomo Delinquente. Aka Criminal Man)
Some ppl are born to behave antisocially
Greatly influenced by Charles Darwin
Homo delinquens = primitive humans. Not as evolved
Experimented on Italian prisoners and Italian military personnel (non criminals)
Criminals have:
oAsymmetrical skull
oFlattened nose
oLarge ears
oFat lips
oEnormous jaws
oHigh cheekbones
oMongolian eye characteristics
Offenders not born criminals:
oHabitual/Professional criminal
Crime is a trade or occupation
Influenced by prisons and daily contact w/ other offenders
oJuridical criminal
Lack of prudence, care or forethought. Impulsive type
oCriminals of passion
Intense love, honor, noble, ambition, patriotism
Weak natures
Highly susceptible to good and bad example
oMorally insane
Similar to psychopath
oHysteric criminal
Anxious, nervous
Endomorphic = viscerotonic
Ectomorphic =cerebrotonic
Mesomorphic = somatotonic
Physical Attractiveness
Minor Physical Anomalies
Minor physical anomalies (MPAS):
oAsymmetrical ears
oSoft and pliable ears
oCurved fifth fingers
oOcular hypertelorism (widely spaced eyes)
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