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Nov.15th Lecture Crim104

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CRIM 104
Barry Cartwright

SOCIAL LEARNING THEORY 2012-11-15 9:58 AM LABELING THEORY SYMBOLIC INTERACTIONISM SYMBOLIC INTERACTIONISM cont. THE DEVELOPMENT OF IDENTITY !Labeling theory connected to symbolic interactionism !Symbolic interactionists felt that favourable and unfavourable responses THE SOCIAL CONSTRUCTION OF MEANING !Events can have different meanings for different people !Meaning and the conception of “self” THE SOCIAL CONTEXT !Labeling theory !Growing concerns about racial discrimination 1 of 9tline%20%20Burnaby%20(Spring%202012).htm?pageID=2536689608211 SOCIAL LEARNING THEORY 2012-11-15 9:58 AM ! Emergence of diversion programs ! Concern about the label juvenile delinquent FRANK TANNENBAUM ! “The dramatization of evil” ! As a consequence, child might change own self-image ! An arrest means the delinquent is singled out EDWIN LEMERT !PRIMARY DEVIANCE !SECONDARY DEVIANCE WAYWARD PURITANS • Erikson starts Wayward Puritans with discussion of Durkheim’s views • “Deviance is not a property that is inherent” in a type of behaviour COMMUNITY BOUNDARIES…%Page 2 of 90%20Burnaby%20(Spring%202012).htm?pageID=2536689608211 SOCIAL LEARNING THEORY 2012-11-15 9:58 AM • Erikson points out that not all deviant acts • Declaring that individuals or groups are deviant CONFRONTING THE DEVIL • Confrontations between “agents of control” and “deviant offenders” • Include sanity hearings (mental illness), excommunication (heresy) THE QUAKERS • Trials in Puritan community in Massachusetts • Puritans took strong dislike to the Quakers HARMFUL TO YOUR HEALTH • 1 offence • 2nd offence rd • 3 offence • 4 offence THE WITCH TRIALS • King of England • Witch trials started later • Erikson says Puritan colony had lost its sense of purpose…%20outline%20%2Page 3 of 9(Spring%202012).htm?pageID=2536689608211 SOCIAL LEARNING THEORY 2012-11-15 9:58 AM • In a period of one year THE$NORMAL$AND$THE$PATHOLOGICAL Part$II $ !Durkheim says that all criminologists !Specifically mentions Raffaele Garofalo !Durkheim observes that “crime is present…in all societies of all types” !Crime is “an integral part of all healthy societies” ! A$SOCIETY$OF$SAINTS ! · Crime!serves!a!function— ! · Even!“a!society!of!saints” HOWARD BECKER BECKER’S PUBLICATIONS !(1953) “Becoming a Marijuana User”…%20Page 4 of 920Burnaby%20(Spring%202012
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