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Lecture 2

Lecture 2 - Anomie-Strain Theory.pdf

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CRIM 104
Barry Cartwright

What makes a Good TheoryGood theory is logically constructed logically sound and internally consistentGood theory is based on evidence Good theory can be empirically validated ie through measurement or observationGood theory can unify a number of competing or conicting theories Problems with Measurement Theory may be good but we may lack the means to measure or observe Some theories have been measured only once or from only on perspective may appear to have been proven but not through repeated researchTypes of Theories Metatheoriesgrand theories that offer wide concepts Unit theoriesemphasize a particular problem and make testable assertions about the problem Macrotheoriesare broad and tend to explain the effects of social structure Microtheories are narrow and tend to explain the process through which individuals or groups become criminalBridging theories attempt to address issues of social structure and the process through which individuals become criminal Consensus vs Conict Consensus Associated with Emile Durkheim Society as a functional organism Norms expectations based on shared valuesinterests Laws and social institutions designed to integrate and regulate social behaviour Conict Associated with Karl Marx Society rooted in social conict Normsexpectations not shared but rather imposed upon us Laws and social institutions designed to protect interests of those with moneypower Chronology Marx18181883 Durkheim18581917 Weber18641920 Marxs Contributions Not a sociologist and didnt write much about crime Still most widely cited political philosopher in social sciences as recently as the 1980sWrote Das Capital and the Communist Manifesto Inuential in workers movements and ideas re socialism and communism DialecticalHistorical Materialism Slave ownersSlaves Landlord Serfs CapitalistsWorkers Dialectical parispolar opposites 1Depend upon each other for their existence 2Contradictory opposing interests3Class struggle lead to change in socioeconomic forms 4
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