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CRIM 104
Barry Cartwright

An Expanded DenitionSociology is the study ofSocial relationsthe way that individuals and groups relate to each other governed or controlled by law and by the criminal justice systemSocial forcesshape our political system our social system our laws and our criminal justice system Social conducthow we behave or conduct ourselves in our social relationsSocial conventionsnorms or expectationswhat people expect we will do Some are informal some formalSocial constraintscan be formal or informal Informal constrains rejection shunning or exclusion For social constraints laws the courts the police the prison systemSocial institutionseg the criminal justice system largely modern creations designed to constrain those who do not follow social convention Is Sociology Really a Science Sociology involves a respect for logical clarity in the formulation of theories and also involves disciplined empirical investigationScience EmpiricismTheorySciencethe use of logical systematic methods to produce a body of knowledge Empiricismfactual investigation and observationTheoryexplains why things happen help us make sense out of the facts through construction of abstract interpretations of empirical situations The Problems with Social ScienceStudying humans and social behaviour is different than studying atoms minerals chemicals or plant life Humans may be uncooperative or may consciously alter their beha
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