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Lecture 4

Lecture 4 - Social Diorganization Part 2 .pdf

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Simon Fraser University
CRIM 104
Barry Cartwright

Earlier Theories of CrimeLocated the source of crime within the individualThe soulThe body The mind The geneDid not really look at inuence of social environment Social context of the Chicago School Cities grew at rapid rate during later half of 1800s17901890 Urban population increased 139 times Chicago 4100 residents in 1833 one million in 1890 two million in 1910 City grew through successive waves of immigrantsAlso grew through displaced farm workersBlacks moving from rural South Laborers putting in 12 hour days 6 days a week Low wages living in slums From Spuzzum The Progressive Movement Emerged in the early 1900sRejected Social Darwinisms notion that the poor were biologically inferiorClaimed that people were poor because of social environment Criticized the human costs of unbridled economic growth Argued that The American Dream did not reach the slums and the ghettosBelieved that social reform was the answer Believed that the government could be trusted to carry it out Chicago SchoolSociology department at University of Chicago was the rst one in the US 1892Chicago School gave rise toThomas and Znanieckis social diso
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