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Lecture 2

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Simon Fraser University
CRIM 104
Barry Cartwright

thCRIMINOLOGY 104WEEK TWOFriday Sept 18 A GOOD THEORY nGood theory is logically constructed logically sound and internally consistentnGood theory is based on evidence nGood theory can be empirically validatedthrough measurement or observation nGood theory can unify a number of competing or conflicting theoriesPROBLEMS WITH MEASUREMENT n Theory may be good but we may lack the means to measure or observe it n Some theories have been measured only once or from only one perspective may appear to have been proven but not through repeated researchTYPES OF THEORIESnMetatheories grand theories that offer wide conceptsnUnit theories most theories about crime emphasize on a particular problem testable assertion about the problemnMacrotheories are broad tend to explain the affects of the social structure on the individual nMicrotheories are narrow tend to explain the process through which individuals or small groups become criminal nBridging theories attempt to address issues of social structure and the process through which individuals become criminalCONSENSUS vs CONFLICTn CONSENSUSsociety as a functional organism normsexpectations based on shared valuesinterests those who are different eg Criminal deemed to be sickabnormal n CONFLICTsociety and social transformation rooted in social conflict society not organic or natural but forced upon us societylaws based on values and interests of those with the power
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