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CRIM 104
Barry Cartwright

Week 11 nov 27 GENDER BASED THEORIES FEMINIST THEORY Law as an instrument of patriarchy working to define womens role in all social spheres Role of gender relations and now contradiction conflicts regarding gender are reproduced in legal system Ways in which women are limited by ideology and repressive powerPATRIARCHYInvolves set of socialpower relationships in which males control sexuality of women and expropriate their labourIn criminology could refer to fact that males are seen as having a biologically aggressive nature that requires control while females are seen as being passive A SOCIOHISTORICAL PERSPECTIVE First womens rights convention held in New York State in 1848 participants taking about tyranny of men over womenLinked to struggle against slavery in the Southern United States led to American civil war and emancipation of slavesEffects of Industrial Revolution and the disintegration of the traditional family and the traditional village economyWHOS AFRAID OF VIRGINIA WOOLF Book women can be independentSOME REAL LIFE EXAMPLES SOCIAL CONTEXT 1960s1970scivil rights movements antiwar protests black power movement the feminist movementAND A GOOD TIME WAS HAD BY ALL
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