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Simon Fraser University
CRIM 104
Barry Cartwright

Week 7 thOct 30 2009 SOCIAL LEARNING THEORYTHE SOCIAL CONTEXT contBackdrop of the 1960sTime of general optimismFelt that psychologists would be able to treat formerly untreatable problems with new behavioral therapies THE MAIN PROPONENTS n C Ray Jeffery 1965Criminal Behavior and Learning Theory n Robert Burgess and Ronald Akers 1966 A Differential AssociationReinforcement Theory of Criminal Behavior n Ronald Akers 1973 Deviant Behavior A Social Learning ApproachAND OTHER INFLUENCES n Jeffrey and Akers both influenced by BF Skinners operant conditioning n Also influenced by Sutherlands differential association n Both published their earlier articles as explanationelaboration of Sutherlands claim that criminal behavior is learnedREINFORCEMENT n With operant conditioningsocial learning theory behavior is product of reinforcement and punishment n Positive reinforcementreward for desired behaviorn Negative reinforcement no punishment for an undesired behavior PUNISHMENT positive application of something negative removing or taking something awayDISCRIMINATING STIMULI n Discriminating stimulicues or signals that tell an individual whether behavior is likely to reinforcedpunished nNot a response to a particular behavior nExist before and during the behavior
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