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Lecture 6

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CRIM 104
Barry Cartwright

Week 6 before midtermRATIONAL THEORIESTHE SOCIAL CONTEXTJimmy Carter was President of us 19771981US Embassy staff in Tehran taken hostage by IraniansRussians invaded Afghanistan in 1979Russians invaded AfghanistanTHE SOCIAL CONTEXT contIranian Revolution 1979 created a worldwide energy crisisUS losing an ally in the Shah of Iran and Russia invading a nearby country successfullyCrime rates went straight through the roof starting in late 1960s and climbing right through early 1980sA NEW SHERIFF RIDES INTO TOWN Welfare cuts Increased defense spendingGet tough on crime programWar on drugsBecause acceptable to blame criminals rather than society for increasing crime rates and moral decay WHAT GOES AROUND COMES AROUNDRational theories subscribe to Classical School notions of rational choice deterrence and punishmentsCriminal offenders are unrestrained pleasureseekers who dont require lot of motivation to engage in crime but who might be deterred by punishment or hardened targetTHE THREE PROPERTIES OF DETERRENCE SeverityCertainty CelerityRATIONAL CHOICENothing unique about criminal behavior Criminals want the same things that we doand fun fun funOffenders will weigh the possible benefits from the crime against the potential pain or harm to themselvesTOGETHERNESSroutine activities lifestyles theory
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