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CRIM 104
Barry Cartwright

Last Week week 12 December 04CONTEMPORARY THEORIESMASCULINITIES AND CRIME JamesMesserschmidt 1993 Masculinities and crime James Messerschmidt 1997 Crime as structured action Men and boys are perpetrators of most crimes and have virtual monopolies on some kinds of crime Instead of asking why women dont commit crimes criminologists should ask why men do PROBLEMS IN THE FEMINIST CAMPMany feminists started to view femaleness as normative or goodand maleness as the other or bad Heterosexuality condemned as another means by which men maintained patriarchy and dominated women CONSTRUCTING MASCULINITY The idea that men are naturally aggressive is wrongmen learn to be aggressive just like other behaviour is learned Men and boys construct masculinity differentlymen are raised to be tough and aggressive girls to be timid and docile A SOCIOLOGY OF MASCULINITYNeed to bring men into the equationconsider gendered content of mens behaviour and of crimeSociology of masculinitycomprehend why men are involved disproportionately in crimewhy they commit different types of crimeInterrelationships between social actionspracticessocial structures and race class and gender relations
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