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CRIM 104
Barry Cartwright

1955 Cohen book subcultural theory illegitimate opportutnity structures delinquent boys and gangs same time period during the moviewalter reckless containment theory Uncontrolled youth inner containment frustration outer parents external pulldelinquent friendsCloward ohlens work stealing guns from parents Skipping out of schoolWEEK TENCONFLICT CRIMINOLOGY nov 20 lecture 9KARL MARXStill most widely cited political philosopher in social sciences as recently as the 1980sWrote Das Capital and The Communist ManisfestoInfluential in workers movements and ideas re socialism and communism 1843 Started writing Jeweish Question then Critique of Hegels Philosophy criticized govts favorite philosopher church too Also critical of German system List goes onnotimpWHO MARX INFLUENCEDSimmel Bonger Vold Turk Chambliss Quinney Platt Taylor Walton Young Michel Foucault THE SOCIAL CONTEXT For Marx it was the time of the Industrial RevolutionExpropriation andor dispossession through eviction and enclosure Steam engines cotton jenny rolling mills blast furnaces replacing skilled labour All resulted in impoverished working classsurplus labour poolFactories like prisons workers like prisoners The Life Story of Karl MarxMarx couldnt get university position because of his criticism of HegelExpelled from France at the urging of the Prussian governmentSpent most of his life destitutesupported by EngelsDied in Englandrather than in home country of GermanyTHINGS TO THINK ABOUTIs Marxs work a body of predictions or a theoryWhat would Marx think about the socalled communist countries If he didnt write much about crime why did he have such great influence on criminology
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