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Simon Fraser University
CRIM 135
Graeme Bowbrick

- Constitutional overlap in family law - No overlap in division of property (provisional jurisdiction) - Federal jurisdiction only governs marriage and divorce - Federal can define marriage, who can get married - Federal can order spousal support, child support etc - Common law relationships is provisional jurisdiction - Provincial power is over 92 (13) and 92 (14) - Apply for marriage license to provisional government - 92 (13) is over property and civil rights - Property is provincial jurisdiction - Child custody and access falls under section 92 (13), but federal jurisdiction also has power (constitutional overlap) - Property division and access is exclusively provincial government - Guardianship does not only apply to children, also to people who cannot look after themselves (ex mental disabilities) - Adoption is provincial authority - Marriage is defined under federal law - No federal statute defining marriage until 2005 - Under civil marriage act, it was defined as the lawful union of two persons, to the exclusion of all others - Common law definition was the lawful union of a man and a woman, to the exclusion of all others - Common law relationship is not a legal status - Marriage has specific legal requirements - Go through process, meet requirements, then get legal status as marriage - Common law has no process - End marriage requires legal process known as divorce - Common law has no process for ending - Divorce act sets out requirements and conditions -> the grounds for divorce - Divorce is legally easy to do - Before 1968, no divorce act - To get divorced, had to apply to parliament to declare divorce - Results were that there were not much divorces prior to 1968 - In 1968, had first federal divorce act passed - Had two fundamental changes: process and grounds for divorce - Process: did not have to apply to parliament anymore, could apply to court instead (process is more accessible) - Grounds for divorce: cannot get divorced unless one of these grounds is satisfied; list included adultery, polygamy, physical or mental cruelty, drug addiction, failure to consummate, bestiality (all of them are fault based grounds for divorce), living separate and apart for 5 years (no fault ground) - 2/3 of divorces on fault based, 1/3 on no fault ground - In 1985, divorce act was amended, and grounds for divorce was modified - 1985 divorce moved to no fault divorce (living separate and apart for 1 year) - These days mostly go for no fault divorce - If negotiated, no need to go to court, just submit application in writing to court, then judge signs off divorce order - Only logical reason for divorcing by adultery or mental or physical cruelty is when one must get divorced before a years time - Common law relationships give specific rights and responsibilities that attach to people living in a marriage like relationship - Marriage like relationship means relationship similar to marriage - Live in romantic/sexual relationship where share responsibilities like people in household - Cannot be common law with roommate unless you have sex with them - In common law relationship, cannot claim spousal support unless together for 2 years - Period you live together determine the rights and responsibilities you have - Legal repercussions of living together vary - Determined by benefits and pension plan - Child support and access depend upon how long together in common law relationship Spousal Support: - End of relationship should be allowed to have one spouse economically disadvantaged - Should have the more economically advantaged spouse support the other one over a period of time or indefinite (forever) - If both at same economic situation, there will be no spousal support - Can apply for spousal support under federal (divorce act) or provincial (family relations, such as c
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