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Lecture 3

CRIM 203 Lecture Notes - Lecture 3: Conflict Theories, Critical Thinking

3 pages106 viewsSpring 2016

Course Code
CRIM 203
Sarah Yercich

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Today’s fous
Moving toward nationhood and the CJS
Focus of the CJS
19th Century: Policing, CJS, and control
Policing and regulating difference
Context for chapters 6 and 7
Documentary: Scandalous Women of the 19th Century
Midterm Help***
Multiple choice/True/False
(No names, what year type of questions)
Critical thinking questions at end of each of the sections
Short answer questions on the midterm will be similar
“hift toard deelopig a orkig riial justie syste (CJ“
19th and early 20th Century Canada
Developing a Formal CJS
- Industrialization
- Urbanization
- Beginning of the modernization process
- Immigration
- Development of the modern CJS
Serious offences:
- Rape
o Not treated as seriously
o Historical gendered norms
- Homicide
o Rare
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