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Lecture 3

CRIM 203 Lecture 3: CRIM 203 L3

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CRIM 203
Sarah Yercich

find more resources at Today’s fo▯us  Moving toward nationhood and the CJS  Focus of the CJS  19 Century: Policing, CJS, and control  Policing and regulating difference  Context for chapters 6 and 7  Documentary: Scandalous Women of the 19 Century Midterm Help*** Multiple choice/True/False (No names, what year type of questions) Critical thinking questions at end of each of the sections Short answer questions on the midterm will be similar “hift to▯ard de▯elopi▯g a ▯▯orki▯g▯ ▯ri▯i▯al justi▯e syste▯ (CJ“ th th 19 and early 20 Century Canada Developing a Formal CJS Struggles: - Industrialization - Urbanization - Beginning of the modernization process - Immigration - Development of the modern CJS Serious offences: - Rape o Not treated as seriously o Historical gendered norms - Homicide o Rare find more resources at find more resources at Primary Focus - ▯Mu▯da▯e ▯atters▯ o E.g. vagrancy, drunkenness - Focus on: o Controlling the working class o And controlling temptation  Co▯▯er▯s: the e▯ils a▯d te▯ptatio▯s of ▯▯ity life▯ “uppress ▯u▯sa▯oury▯ ▯eha▯iour - Long term relationship between o Public order offences o AND non-British immigrants - Belief in link between crime and cultural conflict o Labeling o Conflict theories o Power and control theories Regulation of behaviour of lower classes - Assi▯ilatio▯ of ▯da▯gerous▯ foreig▯ers o And non-British residents - *Note:
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