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CRIM 251
Kash Heed

October 3 Lecture NotesMyths police work itself prevents crime the Mounties always get their man police work involves the frequent use of force police work is dangerous police work primarily involves chasing criminals when you call they comeStructure in Canada federal RCMP Contract policing federal policing peacekeeping protective services provincial all provinces must have a provincial service OPP QPP RNC and RCMP Contracts regional amalgamation of police services metro areas very political in BC municipal jurisdiction within municipal boundaries standalone or contract services from provincial force first nations in all provincesprivate security services line between private and public police is becoming blurred governance and accountability federal provincial and municipal commissions and boards RCMP currently have no citizen accountability boards in provinces political accountability best deal available legal accountability everyone needs to be under legal authority admin agencies OPCC SIU Commission or Public Complaints Directly to the public FOI Special ad hoc
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