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Week 10 Lecture - Social Process & Social Learning

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Simon Fraser University
Jay H

SECTION VII SOCIAL PROCESSLEARNING THEORIES OF CRIMELearning TheoriesMost social learning theories o Assume criminal behavior is learned behavior o SocializationNeed groups to survive o Direct learning o Interaction with others o Assumptionpeople are blank slates o Known as learning theoriesOthers assume offending is natural o Learn to control these tendencies o Assumptionpeople are born with antisocial propensity o Known as control theories o Assume behavior is innate born to be physically aggressive o Learn to control these behaviors3 learning theories that we addressbut there are many more o Differential association o Differential identification o Differential reinforcement Differential Association TheoryEdwin Sutherland o Departed from popular opinion that criminal behavior wasresult of something abnormal o Believed that criminal behavior was learned in the same manner as any behaviorAny person could be criminal learning occurs in social interaction with other s not though reading othe media o Built on the process of classical conditioningStimuli patterned response o Boils down to who you associate withA lot of other theories subcultural socialization also states that people you associate with influence youDifferential IdentificationGlaser 1956 o One could learn through distant reference groups 1
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