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CRIM 316
Eric Beauregard

Paraphilias and sexual sadism Paraphilia(s)  Para - Medicine: denoting disordered function  Philia - Greek: love  Meaning – atypical sexual behaviours deviate from “normal” sexual behaviour  Characterization - Individual sexual deviancy - Intense and recurrent deviancy sexual fantasies - Decrease in “normal” sexual interests Paraphilias - Who are they?  Encompasses variety of behaviours - Consenting (noncriminal) - Nonconsenting (criminal) - Can include adults (either consenting or not) - Can include children (nonconsenting) - Inanimate objects - Animals - Various situations/contexts Criminal vs. noncriminal paraphilia  Some paraphilia are not criminal in and of themselves - Sexual sadism - Sexual masochism  Other associated with criminal activity - Watching someone undress without their knowledge - Breaking into someone’s house to steal lingerie - Sexual acts with children]unwanted aggression or coercion (paraphilia are born not created) Identification – official  Identification - 2 main methods o International classification of diease – 10 (ICD-10)  “disorders of adult personality and behaviour”  “disorders of sexual preference”  Not used in North America o Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorder – 5 (DSM -5)  “paraphilic disorders”  Ten officially recognized paraphilias  Dozens of unofficial paraphilia Identification – official  DSM 5 criteria o Paraphilias are not ipso facto disorders o Must be (broadly)  Criterion A – specifies the qualitative nature of the paraphilia (i.e. sexual pleasure from the infliction of pain or humiliation)  Must occur for a period of at least 6 months  Criterion B – is distressing to the individual and causes significant impairment in social, occupational, or other important areas Fetishistic disorder  Use of nonliving objects as primary elements of sexual arousal  Can be multisensory - Holding, tasting, rubbing, inserting - While masturbating (DSM – 5)  May steal and collect fetishistic objects - Antisocially - Motivated by fetishistic disorder Russell Williams  Former Colonel Canada Forces  Multiple paraphiliac motivated break-ins  Multiple sexual assaults  Convicted first degree murder - 2 victims - Female adults  Breaking and entering to steal woman’s lingerie - 34 break ins or attempted break-ins - Not far from Williams home  Missing woman’s intimate items - Amassed hundreds  Would take picture of himself in stole lingerie - Strong elements of fetishistic disorder  Escalation - Breaking in into women’s houses - Confining (ropes) - Choking - Sexually assaulting aping victims - Elements of sexual homicide  Further escalation - Homicide - Repeatedly sexually assaulted victims - Recorded assaults (sexual assault and homicide) - Victims bound and asphyxiated (choked) Comorbidity of paraphilias  Russell Williams somewhat unusual case - There was an escalation in serious and violence  Had multiple paraphilias - Fetishistic disorder - Evidence of sexual sadism  Co-morbidity of paraphilias - Comorbid of paraphilias well established - On average paraphiliacs – 2-3 paraphilias at any given time Comorbity of paraphilias – offenders  Comorbidity of selected paraphilias – overlap with sexual sadism - 40% of sexual sadists also reported committing a sexual assault - 25% voyeuristic behaviours - 18% masochistic behaviours - 13% fetishistic behaviours Sexual sadism  What is sexual sadism
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