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CRIM 356
Lynne Bell

Crim 356 Notes Facial Reconstruction-On midterm  Important for multiple reasons, namely identification  Identical twins have the same genetic profile and remarkably similar faces. However, their faces will be slightly different from one another.  When it comes to identical twins the only way to tell them apart is by their fingerprints  Faces can be disguised easily (hair colour, beard, mustaches, etc.) Facial Asymmetry  Left side is different than right side of face Sexual Dimorphism Age related changes  Age changes in the adult face  If you were to use reconstruction, you must know the age as closely as possible, so that it can be accurate Facial Recognitions  We are hard wired for recognition  Babies as young as 5 weeks have the ability to recognize their mother’s face (or the primary caregiver)  Girls of 5 months are better able to recognize faces than boys of the same age  A pathological condition known as ‘Prosopagnosia  Recognize famous faces more readily  Recognize unlikeable faces more readily  The upper part of the face seems to be more important than the lower half  Any change in orientation has an effect on recognition and also of course on recall  The face has been described as being greater than the sum of its parts (Bruce and young, 1998) Memory maybe heightened or degraded depending on the situation Three Basic Approaches 1) 2-D
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