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Lecture 3

CRIM 413 Lecture Notes - Lecture 3: Relative Deprivation, Grain, Stanford Prison Experiment

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CRIM 413
Garth Davies

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Week 3 Terrorism
Personality of Terrorists
Correlate to Terrorism (some of these Psychology Traits)
Search for a Terrorist Personality
- ‘esearh ega i the 97s for this pheoeo
- Try to use psychological terms which obscure the real complexities of the human make up!
- Koledge stes fro a) eaiatio of terrorists idiidual psholog – and b ) evidence
of how the individuals behaviour is influenced/determined by the group organizations
Terrorism and Psychology
- Many argue that the terrorist has to detach himself from reality e.g. cooper detachment from
reality, Corrado psychopathy all of terrorists!
- Little left to support!
- Terrorists seem detached from reality as a result of their causes, few share them, thus they
detach from the commo persos WO‘LD
- Most make arguments from bad sources! e.g. peare ad tatoos
Different Kind of Terrorist Personality
- Similarities between terrorist behaviour and the predominant traits of personality types
- Dated that is that its er old!
Frustration Aggression
- Friedland
- Response to a failure of having their grievances responded to!
- Berkowitz original developer
- People criticize this - too simple! (that’s why people buy into it)
- It’s too linear! Terrorism isn’t linear more of a web or funky maze
- Extreme self-affection
- Pearlstein’s claim lacks proper references to empirical studies!
- Narcissistic injury - blockage of our ability to address our self-esteem blinds to
outputs of their actions
Psycho Dynamics
- Some of our behaviour as adults is a result of unresolved childhood conflicts
- Erikson crisis stages need to overcome certain hurdles e.g. potty training and etc.
- If we don’t belong – join big groups to get that ‘sense’ of belonging
Criticism of Psychological Perspectives
- Denies ‘rational’ individual motivations (as soon as you term them as “crazy” or
‘terrorists’ cause is lost!)
- Methodological weakness (no accurate assessment without clinical assessment)
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- Ignores group context (psychopaths can’t operate in a group for a prolonged period of
time groups are used to filter out the ‘nutters’ – groups are secretive operative
- Unfalsifiable/tautological ‘ X IS X’ ‘WHY THE COMMIT VIOLENCE B/C
- Why are there so few terrorists?
- no universal consensus
- ‘what goes on before the bomb goes off’
- Violent radicalization is the PROCESS by which people come to adopt extremist
political beliefs that deem legitimate the use of violence as a method of effecting political
or social change
- Consensus elements:
1) Process
2) Ideology
3) Violence
Borum’s Four Stage Process linear progressive
- Deprivation it’s not right context undesirable condition -
- Inequality it’s not fair comparison
- Blame ‘it’s not your fault attribution
- Stereotyping ‘evil’ or dehumanizing ‘reaction’ to all others who aren’t part of this
Wiktorowicz’s Joining Cause linear and emergent
- Ethnographically studied members of the Al-Muhajiroun movement (islamist group
which is be set in on bringing back islam, by military means if necessary)
- Cognitive opening - ways of thinking ways of getting through the world personal
crisis that renders a person receptive to ideas they were likely to be discounted prior to
that crisis
- Religious seeking looking for answers ‘why me’ – why would this happen to me ‘I’m a
good person’ looks towards religion for answers -
- Frame alignment ‘it makes sense to them’ – merge it with own world!
- Socialization person finds themselves in a group context (online group coffee shop
susceptible to the social movement/ideas being presented) and fully joins!
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