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Lecture 4

CRIM 413 Lecture Notes - Lecture 4: Aryan Nations, New Left, Guerrilla Warfare

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CRIM 413
Garth Davies

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Types of Nationalism
Classical Ideological Continuum
- Rooted in the politics of the French Revolution has endured to the present time
- 1789 people called in some sat on left where radicals wanted others sat right who favoured
old order or slow and deliberate change
- Mid 19th century Europe upheaval
- Pierre Proudhon, property is theft! coined the phrase
- Bunch of Russians, nechayev, Bakunin and kroptokin supported destruction of the state
founders of anarchism
- Working class dominate
- Marx never meant to mobilize the peasants!
- Roman symbol of strength
- Extreme obedience to law
- Ethnonationalism
1. Nationalism as Patriotism
2. Populist Nationalist
- Anti-elitist bias
- Make America great again
- Tinges of racism my better than yours
- Populism invert pyramid power comes from below
3. Post-Colonial Nationalism
- 14 august 1941
- All people have a right to self-discrimination
- What’s ed of WWII
- 8 principles of U.K and U.S abide by territorial adjustments have to be made with the
wishes of the people concerned
- All people have the right to self discrimination
- 1950 tunisia
- 1960 magascar
- 1970 angola proxy war!
- Waves of terrorism!
4. Ethnic Nationalism
- Difference b.w nation state
- Nation:
- State:
- 96’s terroris had atio trapped withi states trig to escape ad gai self-
- Ethnicity:
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