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Oct.3- CH.9

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Earth Sciences
EASC 101
Glyn Williams- Jones

Ch.9- Metamorphic Rock -One rock into another (pressure, temp +composition) - no/very little melting involved -Parent Rock (or protolith) the following are "process" metamorphic this occurs at surface and at depth igneous sedimentary metamorphic Factors controlling metamorphism Fluids -> volatiles (C02), enhances migration of ions (helps with recrystalization) Sources of fluids Pore spaces of sedimentary rocks fracture in igneous rocks Hydrated minerals (clay & mica) Time Crystallization, recrystallization & chemical reactions are slow (millions of years) Longer the time the bigger the crystals Temperature Most important agent Recrystalilizations-> new stable mineral (geothermal) Two sources of heat: igneous intrusion, increase temperature with depth -> geothermal gradient (20-60 degrees Celsius/km, 30-450 degrees Celsius at 15km) Pressure increase with burial depth confining pressure applied equally in all directions (uniform pressure) differential stress -> when unequal in different directions TEXTURE: size, shape, and arrangement of grains with rock FOLIATION: any planar arrangement of mineral/grains of structural features within rock Low grade-> high grade Slaty cleavage-> schistosity-> gniessic Increase temperature + pressure (depth)-> foliation Increase temp but not pressure-> non foliated Subduction zone metamorphism-> dragging down (describes environment at depth) Burial metamorphism can occur in two ways: contact or subduction zone metamorphism NON FOLIATED Non foliated sedimentary rocks is common where only lithost
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