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Simon Fraser University
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EASC 104
Brent Ward

Unconsolidated mass movement: other examples - The classification system is based on the type of material, type of movement and amount of speed involved(to a lesser degree) - Earth is wet and saturated common in B.C with silt and lake sediment o Debris flow(referred to as mudflow by the media) is much more common—mix of boulders sand silt and clay - Debris avalanche—not as fluid as a debris flow o These are common in alpine areas - Much of Vancouver is affected by permafrost (occurs in alpine areas ) o This is how you get solifluction Complex Mass movements - Complex-- meaning several different types of movement associated with the landslide o Falling, avalanche and debris flow all happening in one landslide Mass wasting: causative and contributing mechanisms - Rockslide that happened on Puerto cove - Bedrock where there are fractures and inclined up into the slope (daylighting) Forces - If driving forces are greater than the resistance forces this can cause a landslide o Resistance forces: cohesion - **Slopes have a strong influence on whether or not we get landslides - Cohesion also has an effect o Sand—no cohesion o Cl
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