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Simon Fraser University
Earth Sciences
EASC 104
Brent Ward

Explosive eruptions Hawaiian eruptions are the lowest levels of eruptions and are quiet Vulcanianyou get an explosive eruption that causes an ash cloud to go up into the stratosphere Plinianthe most eruptive Volcanic explosivity index VEI This scale is based on how much volume of magmarock is erupted How high this bloom gets into the atmosphere Ultra Pliniansuper volcanoes major elements of environmental changes o Can affect global temperatureExplosive eruptions Calderas Cambora eruption resulted with a year without a summer Eruptions columns Spreads into the upper atmosphere which can reach all around the world Hazard some volcanoes can collapse and create pyroclastic flowEffects of eruptions on solar radiation and climate Finding radiation can help detect EQs Temperature can help us detect climate changesthese factors can tell us the characteristics of volcanic eruptions in areasLava flows These a
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